shootcuba is the first stop if you're
planning to film content on the island.

Shoot Cuba

Shoot Cuba is the best of both worlds -- Cuban filmmakers and production professionals on the ground in their own home territory, combined with world-class production standards and Hollywood industry- and AICP-level workflow. Our entire team has deep roots in Cuba and a vested interest in crafting world-class, Cannes-worthy content for you.

Who we are


Luis has been producing on the ground in Cuba, full-time, for 15 years. He's a graduate of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry, and a legendary fixture in Cuba's television and filmmaking scene. 

Mike Barker

London-based Mike Barker brings a deep knowledge of the European market to Cuba, and his own expertise as a producer and director of nearly half a dozen feature films and television shows (including "Outlander" and "Broadchurch").