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Indie Film Shooting in Cuba

Even more stars shooting in Cuba! Anabelle Acosta is starring in a new romantic comedy called "Lost & Found en Cuba". This will be executive produced by Mark D. Cone, Joan H. Jones, and Benjamin R. Reder of Reder & Feig LLP. Exciting to see indie films taking advantage of the fantastic filming potential of Cuba!

Anabelle Acosta to Star in Romantic Comedy 'Lost & Found en Cuba'

Havanawood: Cuba as a Filmscape

First there was Hollywood, then there was Bollywood, now...there is Havanawood. Since U.S.-Cuban relations opened up in January, Hollywood has been all over Cuba. Showtme shot 'House of Lies', Universal shot 'Fast and Furius' and Paramount shot 'Transformers: The Last Night' in Cuba. Things are looking good for Cuba's ever-growing film industry! There is however a growing sense of discontentment among domestic filmmakers in Cuba, they have not been given the resources that mega-productions from outside the island have been given. Hopefully we will soon start to see partnerships between the local film community in Cuba and larger productions that go to Cuba to film. Read the full article here:

Hollywood Rediscovers Cuba: Is It Too Soon To Call It Havanawood?

Filming Locations in Cuba

In this article, Shoot Cuba producer Luis Lago talks in detail about the amazing filming opportunities in Cuba.
Filming on location in Cuba with local producer Luis Lago

Flamenco Doc Shooting in Cuba

Director David Pareja and cinematographer Alberto Pareja are teaming up with Flamenco singer Diego El Cigala in Cuba to shoot a documentary on the orgins of salsa dancing. Diego El Cigala is recording with Los Muñequitos (a local Rumba group who's goal is to unite the many different ethnicities in Cuba) at Abdala, an audiovisual recording studio in Havana. David and Alberto Pareja will also be shooting in Miami and New York, but the majority of the filming will take place in Cuba. More and more productions are shooting in Cuba. Will yours be next?

Orignal Article: Diego El Cigala graba documental en Cuba